Prepress Services
Wilderness Adventure Books Prepress Services
You have an idea for a book, catalog, newsletter, or manual. We'll review your rough materials and discuss your preferences. Then we will examine the options, budget, and timetable with you.

Once the design is complete and the text is edited and proofread, we'll send you a proof copy for your suggestions and changes. You have complete control over the final product. When the proof copy is approved, we proofread it again, and then move it to the manufacturing phase of our services.

We can help publish anything, of any size, shape, or quality. Your options are limitless. We can help you with:
  • Books, manuals, catalogs, brochures, newsletters
  • Two-color matte finish covers through full color glossy covers
  • Black-and-white, text-only items, full color photography, or anything in between

Give us your concepts and we’ll help you create a product you’ll be proud of. Wilderness Adventure Books will do as little or as much as you desire; our jobs are customized for you. Some of the more common services we provide are listed below.
Publications intended for the general public
  • Determining the marketability and promotional aspects
  • Providing a range of quotations for the work desired
  • Suggesting changes to improve sales
Publications intended for corporate use
  • Working with you to determine the amount of work you need
  • Carefully examining your ideas and preliminary materials and making suggestions before beginning work on the project
  • Providing several options for a range of budgets
Creation of Proofs
  • We offer authors and professionals a skilled editing and proofreading service
  • Using our ideas or your suggestions, we design an eye-catching cover and user-friendly interior
  • Keeping your audience in mind, we typeset and add illustrations, charts, and graphics according to your customers’ needs
Publication Extras
  • We can create a thorough, easy-to-use index, table of contents, and appendices
  • We can design or find relevant charts, graphs, illustrations, and photographs to add value to your publication
  • If your publication needs more substance, we can work with you to make it complete.
  • We can provide copyrights, Library of Congress registration for libraries, and a barcode and ISBN for bookstore sales.