Post Production
Wilderness Adventure Books Post Production Services
Marketing and Promotion
Once your book is printed, you'll want to reach the widest possible audience. We can help you identify your target audience and offer advice to:
  • Make your books reach the widest possible market
  • Find hidden and lucrative markets
  • Share your expertise through interviews and speaking engagements
There are several cost-effective methods available to help your publication reach a wider audience. Some of our proven methods are listed below.
  • Media: Use effectively written news releases to generate author interviews. Don't waste your money on expensive advertising when editors will want to print your stories.
  • Author Appearances: Bookstore signings, speaking engagements, and seminars centered around your area of expertise can generate sales to your target audience.
  • Specialty Sales: Depending on the subject, bookstore sales can amount to a fraction of your potential market. Specialty catalogs, stores, and niche markets are often the best route to selling more books.